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Top 15 Games of the Week (July 6-12)

Another fantastic week in football. Because there were so many games, Playback has compiled the extended highlights of the 15 most important, entertaining matches of the weekend that you want to watch. Before each match provided there is a brief context of what both teams have at stake. No spoilers.

Weekend Soccer Highlights (July 4-5)

Missed out on football because of the Fourth of July weekend? No worries, we have all the highlights from each match in La Liga, EPL, and Serie A, as well as the highlights from the DFB-Pokal Final between Bayer Leverkusen and Bayern Munich.

Weekly Soccer Highlights (June 29-July 3)

There was a lot of action in world football this week — here you can watch the highlights from each match that took place in La Liga, the English Premier League, and Serie A.

Isner vs. Mahut

10 years ago last week we witnessed the longest match of all-time. This epic marathon spanned 3 days, 11 hours, and 2 scoreboards. We’ve picked out the best moments of the match to enjoy in short form - enjoy!

5 Amazing Penalty Shootouts that Clinched Silverware

Each sport offers its own unique high-pressure moment — basketball has its late-game free throws, golf has its 18th hole on Sunday, and soccer has its penalty shootouts. Here are 5 of the most memorable penalty shootouts in championship matches this century.

The Vancouver Canucks Slay the Dragon

We are hopefully only a few weeks away from the start of the qualification round of the NHL playoffs. In honor of the restart, we are reliving some of the best playoff series in recent memory. First up is the 2011 WCQF between the President’s Trophy-winning Canucks and the defending champions, the Chicago Blackhawks. Rewind time with us as we relive the thrilling seven game series that finally saw the Canucks slay the dragon that was the Chicago Blackhawks.

Weekly Soccer Highlights (June 22-28)

This was a busy week in world football and it can be hard to keep track of all that is happening with games each day. Here are the best and most important highlights that you want to watch from each of Europe’s top four leagues (no spoilers).

Today’s All-Pitcher Lineup

Baseball is finally coming back. The only bad news is, with the addition of the universal DH this year and rumblings about it remaining next year, the era of #PitchersWhoRake could be coming to a close. In their honor, let’s create a lineup of the best hitting pitchers in today’s game.

The 7 Greatest Last-Minute Goals

Did you know that the most likely time to score in an NHL game is in the final minutes? No sport more consistently generates an climatic finish than hockey. Countdown with us as we relive 7 of the greatest last-minute goals in recent hockey history.

Underrated Fantasy Basketball Dynasty Keepers

We all know you should keep Luka, Zion, Trae, Tatum... but what will make or break your team is your mid-range evaluations. A lot of these sleepers aren’t even playing in Orlando. Here are 10 under-the-radar players that you should keep this offseason.

The Greatest World Cup Free Kicks of All Time

Few moments in soccer are more magical than a perfectly struck free-kick. And doing it at the World Cup, on the world’s biggest stage? That’s the recipe for a truly iconic moment. Here are 10 of the greatest World Cup free-kicks of all time.

Six Hours in September

Blown saves, walk-offs, historic comebacks. On one historic day in September of 2011, the final day of the regular season, four teams fought to fit into two playoff spots, reminding all of us that nothing is truly over until the public address announcer is wishing you a safe drive home.

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