Most Unexpected Home Runs of All Time

Every once in a while, the game of baseball catches us by surprise, and a ball that has no business flying over the fence finds the bleachers.


Jose Canseco’s Head

Carlos Martinez homers to right, with an assist from Jose Canseco’s head

Jose Canseco may always be known for his infamous contributions to the Steroid-Era of Major League Baseball, but one of his most lighthearted moments came in 1993 when a casual fly ball off the bat of Indians’ Carlos Martinez was somehow given an extra five feet of distance with the help of Canseco’s head.


Luke Appling

Septuagenerian Luke Appling launches one off Warren Spahn

Some grandfathers stay active by reaching their FitBit daily step goal. Others hit tanks off Hall of Fame pitchers. In a 1982 old timers game, 75 year old Hall of Fame shortstop Luke Appling took a Warren Spahn fastball deep to left field. He may have been 75 when he hit that homer, but he grinned like a kid as he rounded the bases in triumph.


Prince Fielder

An inside-the-park home run... from Prince Fielder

It’s reasonable to assume that any given Prince Fielder at-bat can end in a leisurely trot around the bases. However, no one expects to see him sprinting around the bases for a home run. You expect an inside-the-park home run from Prince Fielder like you expect the Knicks to win a championship: you don’t. But with a little help from the Metrodome roof, in the words of Kevin Garnett, anything is possible.


Duane Kuiper

Duane Kuiper beats the odds

Duane Kuiper may be known for having one of the most best home run calls in the league, but he’ll also be remembered for his sheer inability to hit one of his own in his playing days. Kuiper, a second-basemen with 3379 career at-bats, holds the record for the least amount of home runs among any player with at least 2500 at-bats. He finished his 12-year career with a grand total of ONE home run. August 29th will forever be Duane Kuiper Home Run Day around the league.


Rick Camp

Rick Camp contributes to the strangest game of all-time

When the career .070 hitter Rick Camp stepped to the plate in the bottom of the 18th, everybody was ready to go home. It was 3 AM, the Braves and Mets had just battled through 18 tedious innings, and neither team had any players left on the bench. Fans were making their way to the exits when Camp, with zero career home runs to his name, launched an 0-2 pitch into the left field bullpen to tie the game. A pitcher like Camp homering in todays game would be like... well, you’ll see for yourself next.

If he hits a home run to tie this game, this game will be certified as absolutely the nuttiest in the history of baseball.

John Sterling, Braves broadcaster


Bartolo Colon

The GOAT shows off an ounce of his true power

Come on, there was no way anybody else was going to be number one. On May 7, 2016, Bartolo decided to stop messing around with us and absolutely clobbered one into the San Diego bleachers in one of the unlikeliest and most memorable sports moments of the 21st century. In that moment we knew: it wasn’t that Bartolo didn’t have serious home run power, he just chose not to use it. We love a humble GOAT.

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