Top 5 Free Agent Pickups in the NBA Bubble

Jamal Crawford, J.R. Smith, and more are BACK! These fan favorites are set to play in the NBA Bubble and we couldn’t be more excited. Check out where these 5 free agents landed.

Trey Burke - Dallas Mavericks

Trey Burke stroked one of the most memorable shots in College Basketball ever, but his NBA career has been underwhelming. He’s bounced around many teams, averaged 10+ ppg in his career, but looks to make an impact on a Dallas Mavericks team that can make noise in the Playoffs.

Joakim Noah - Los Angeles Clippers

Joakim Noah has been one of LeBron’s great arch-enemies throughout their overlapping careers and he just got picked up by the single biggest rival to the Lakers this year: the Clippers. News reports are circulating that Joakim Noah may play a larger role than he anticipated (Ivica Zubac’s status is uncertain and Montrezl Harrell left The Bubble this week to deal with a family matter). The stage is set for this long-time rivarly to be renewed!

Tyler Johnson - Brooklyn Nets

Tyler Johnson made a name for himself in 2016 when he signed a massive contract for the Heat and had some success as a role player in Miami. The talented lefty guard has mentioned that his time in Phoenix was “disappointing”and is looking forward to a new start for the Nets.

J.R. Smith - Los Angeles Lakers

J.R. and LeBron are finally reunited on the Los Angeles Lakers (check out Javale McGee’s vlogs to see how that’s going). Let’s revisit an unseen perspective on the biggest blunder of J.R.’s career: the Cavs’ bench following the forgotten score moment in Game 1 of the 2018 Finals. J.R. and LeBron laugh about it now, but this moment is painful to watch.

Jamal Crawford - Brooklyn Nets

Everyone’s favorite free agent returning to the NBA, Jamal Crawford can hopefully pick up right where he left off. He’ll likely be minutes right away, as Nets will be without 4 of their usual starting 5. Just last year, JCraw became the oldest player (39) besides Michael Jordan to drop 50 points in a game. He will be fun to watch.

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