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The Ultimate Grand Slam

The only thing rarer than throwing a no-hitter or hitting for the cycle. The perfect underdog story. According to The Baseball Almanac, the “Ultimate Grand Slam” is when a batter steps to the plate in the bottom of the ninth down three runs and blasts their team to an ultimate slam-led victory. It’s the scenario every kid dreamed about while playing wiffle ball in their backyard. Take a look back at some of the best Ultimate Grand Slams in MLB history.

The Most Absurd Officiating Moments in World Cup History

Nothing is more frustrating in sports than poor officiating. The passion that we see during the World Cup often makes for high-intensity matches, and the worst feeling is when your country is robbed of a chance of glory by a terrible referee. Here are 15 moments in which referees turned a blind eye to the rulebook, wrote the narrative of a match, or just displayed incredibly poor judgment that altered the game’s nature and scoreline.

The Best Champions League 2nd Leg Matches from the Past Decade

Nothing embodies the thrill of football year after year more than the second leg of a Champions League knockout stage fixture. These matches are naturally set up for maximum drama and always offer a beacon of hope for teams that failed to perform in the first leg. Second legs have produced incredible comebacks, underdog stories, and fierce rivalries in the past decade. With the world’s most prestigious competition in club football on pause, it is the perfect time to relive the top 15 Champions League second leg matches in recent history.

Top 10 Game 7 Thrillers of the 2010’s

When it comes to the NHL playoffs, there is nothing more exciting than a Game 7. Playoff hockey is already a tense affair. Game 7’s take that to a whole new level. Teams are fighting for their playoff lives, fans are on the edge of their seats and any player can become a legend. Watch with us as we count down the top Game 7 thrillers of the past decade.

Weekly Soccer Highlights (June 22-28)

This was a busy week in world football and it can be hard to keep track of all that is happening with games each day. Here are the best and most important highlights that you want to watch from each of Europe’s top four leagues (no spoilers).

The Greatest Rivalry in Tennis: Federer vs. Nadal

Summer is here... and usually that means Wimbledon’s not far behind. To fill its absence, we’ve compiled highlights from Federer and Nadal’s best matches against each other. See how the young rivals turned into great friends throughout their famously parallel careers.

Ovi, Capitals finally win the Stanley Cup

Following back-to-back painful playoff exits to the Penguins, the Capitals entered the 2018 season as a forgotten team. Most experts thought their window had closed, particularly after losing several key contributors, including Kevin Shattenkirk, Marcus Johansson and Justin Williams. Instead, it turned out 2018 was finally the “Caps’ year”. Rewind time with us to relive the entire 2018 Capitals’ run!

Get to Know the Bundesliga: Teams and Players to Watch

The Bundesliga appears to be the European league best suited for a return to action after all football was suspended due to COVID-19. Reports have indicated that teams could be back playing as early as mid-May. Because this could be the first high-quality league in the world of sports to resume its season, it’s a good time to start getting to know the teams and players in Germany’s top flight.

The Magic of Linsanity

The last decade of NBA basketball has seen some amazing highlights. Without a doubt, one of the most special was Jeremy Lin’s historic and surprising run with the New York Knicks in 2012. It captured the attention of basketball fans everywhere, led to a months-long surge in NBA League Pass subscriptions and made Madison Square Garden come alive again. We could all use some of that magic again. Sit back and relive one special moment in basketball history: Linsanity.

Top 5 Beefs in the NBA Today

Big time athletes have big time egos. “Throwing hands” has been one of the NBA’s most consistent pastimes. In today’s social media world, we now see beef exist both on and off the court. Re-familiarize yourself with the top 5 beefs currently in the league, from fist fights to IG shade.

The Bulls’ Last Dance

Like the rest of the world, we here at Playback have spent the last few Sundays watching ESPN’s new Chicago Bulls documentary, The Last Dance. To complement the series, we’re taking a look back at the Bulls’ last finals run. Enjoy full game highlights from the epic Eastern Conference Finals vs. Reggie Miller’s Pacers up through Jordan’s final game-winner against the Utah Jazz.

The Beauty of Aggressive Baserunning

Nothing can both inflate a team and deflate an opponent more than clutch aggressive baserunning. The gift of an unexpected 90 feet on the base paths is enough to shift momentum late in a game. It’s how young rookies gain respect and is the ultimate testament to a player’s baseball IQ. Today, we look at some of the most memorable aggressive baserunning plays in baseball history.

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